Tony                          Marlowe

Tony Marlowe
Singer, Songwriter

Tony was born in Forrest City Arkansas. His mom, a single parent, was a strong believer in Christ and kept him and his ten brothers and sisters in church nearly everyday.  Despite his Mother’s tireless efforts, Tony strayed far away from church.
By age 14, he started engaging in all kinds of reckless behaviors and activities while
searching for happiness, his identity, self worth and purpose.  Deemed an “At Risk Youth”, Society said “Tony was more likely to go to prison than to succeed in life. “

Despite the tough circumstances of his youth,Tony beat the odds by becoming the first member in his family to attend and graduate from college and to ultimately achieve a satisfying and rewarding military career of twenty five years. He contributes his success first to God, his mother, Ollie, to his Spouse, Mary, their children Tony and Shanel, to his High School Counselor, Mr. Jenkins and to all of his mentors and dear friends.

Tony admits that his christian journey has not been perfect. Similar to the story of the protocol son, he has turned away from God and made many mistakes. But through it all, he has come to realize that the lust of the world does not compare to the satisfaction, peace and purpose you feel when Christ is your center.

Tony has a genuine concern for others. His passion is to share his life experiences and gift through music to make a difference in the lives of others. His inspiring verses of joy and hope of the Holy Gospel fused into a catchy tune and melody, is guaranteed to brighten your day, give you hope and make you feel closer to your Creator. His songs express his personal journey and lyrics of life. 

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Latest Album
Abandoned Heart

Tony's songs are featured on a co-produced album with Troy B. LeBlanc as well as released as singles.

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