Abandoned Heart
by Troy B. LeBlanc
  1. Abandoned Heart
    Abandoned Heart
    Troy B. LeBlanc

1. Abandoned Heart
2. My Heart is Yours
3. I See I Feel I Draw
4. You Come Walking
5. Here I am Lord by Tony Ray Marlowe
6. God's People Everywhere
7. Cada Momento de Mi Vida
8. Manaña

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I have been writing songs for a little while. Of late I have had the opportunity to play some of them at church and other venues and the response was "when can I get a copy". Needless to say that was a huge encouragement to me and I am finally working on releasing these songs. We have 6 albums planned and we are recording the first called Abandoned Heart, a collection of love songs to and from the Lord. 

Abandoned Heart

​This is an album is made of all those hardship times I thought I was alone and God reached out and touched me through music to let me know He was not only there, but carrying me through. My heart and prayer for you would be that as you hear these songs, the lyrics would reach out and touch you as they did for me. His love is boundary-less and our situations do not determine who we are and circumstances do not define us. But I also realized that my manifestation of His love in my life was proportionate to my revelation of Him and who I am in Him. Realizing Yeshua's love for me and who I am in Him has caused me to sing His praise in this album and share with you, my friends, the times He brought me through the toughest times in my life. 

​Please enjoy this music. If you do please support the project. We are launching a Christian Record Label that will help other artists, like myself, get a start with the resources they need to live in their music and worship and let the songs being given them tell the story of God's love and presence in this world. 

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