by Elijah Seth Zehring
  1. Meribah
    Elijah Seth Zehring

Upon Your Altar
Sons of Issachar

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Produced by Matt Adler at Splendid Studios in San Antonio, TX.
Music and Lyrics: Elijah Zehring
Arrangement: Matt Adler and Elijah Zehring
Vocals: Elijah Zehring and Matt Adler  
Guitars: Elijah Zehring and Matt Adler
Bass: Matt Adler
Mountain Dulcimer: Matt Adler
Cello: Katie Boyd
Drums: Matt Adler 
Percussion: Matt Adler and Elijah Zehring 
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Adler

“ To say that Elijah Zehring’s newest music is layered is an understatement. In it’s most visceral sense, his music is full of life with elegant rhythms and classical sounds. Truthfully, the role of the guitar is nothing short of powerful. With a large and full bodied sound, I am overtaken with emotion and conviction. However, beyond even the beauty of composition, his lyrics draw the listener even deeper. In a spiritual harmony, he is somehow able to marry the beauty of music and depth of sound with the revelations of the scriptures. Uncovering truth after truth, his music peels back the histories and richness of the texts to become deep spiritual awakenings.

   Succinctly put, one cannot just listen and be the same. If not inspired by the sheer quality of music, challenged by its depths and convicted by its truth. Rarely does art have a vehicle that can carry such large meaning and still be enjoyable to listen to. Elijah has managed to do both. This is the music that we have been needing for a long time. The type of music that is almost mystic in its approach, and seemingly permeates creation, while conveying the redemptive love of God and   his law. “

​Elias Popa
Founder of the
Human Rights Network