About Us
EM Records, is a faith-based indie record/distribution label. We already have several indie artists lined up for the Grand Opening Concert in the Summer of 2017. 

Our Vision is to provide a global platform for upcoming artists to share their worship with the world. 

Our Missionis a 3-fold process:

Our application process identifies great potential in great people to achieve great things.

Once an artist joins our community our goals become centered around making sure that the artist is set up for success in their music business. Development occurs in the areas of their music and song writing; brand and graphic design of print media and merchadise; web and online strategy via website design and branding on social media outlets; pre-production of music videos, and more.

After the recording of their music, development of the artist's merchandise, the creation of their online presence via music videos, website/social sites, projected plans for touring, etc., they are ready to engage the world with their music, and we want to make sure they have all the tools they need to succeed. 

We will be assisting artists on the business side of the industry, providing services like album art and photo portfolios, music videos, website and graphic design, product development and merchandise sales, and this is really cool, each artist will get a personal page here on the site absolutely FREE! Another goal of ours is create a platform where the artists get to keep his/her hard earned capital and be able to live and sow into their works and the world. 

This website is a glimpse of the projects of our artists and community.

Our Team
Troy LeBlanc

Founder/CEO of EM Records, Entrepreneur, Missionary, Film Director and Music Artist
Hunter Wheless

EM Records Voice Over Artist
and Audio Engineer